Retail/ CPG

In the moment’s shifting global business, Octivia data solutions Retail and CPG guests have an enormous competitive stake in gaining accurate, timely business perceptivity from social, competitive data, and client-centric sentiment analyses.
Octivia data solutions works nearly with our expanding Retail and CPG clientele to capture, cleanse, integrate and dissect enormous volumes of client and trade data to ensure your analytics promote business success.

Robust perceptivity, really presto

Our CPG and Retail data analytics advisers can help your business fleetly develop and emplace analytics that fosters both sapience and business process advancements.
We use advanced Cloud migration strategies to make and maintain enterprise data lakes and data storage that store your enterprise’s POS data and voice-of-the-consumer data from various sources.
These robust data sources can be used to make dashboards so you can get perceptivity into trade creation analytics, force chain advancements, demand, and labor soothsaying, logistics analytics, and procurement analytics.

From guesswork to marketing that does work

Octivia data solutions ultramodern data infrastructures and cloud migration technology provide our Retail/ CPG guests the virtual means to gauge up and add marketing, competitive, and prophetic analytics without investing in new waiters or software to store and manage growing data means. Let our platoon give the 21st-century structure that allows your creative platoon to:

  • Automate web-grounded target marketing to more engage guests and boost deals conversion rates
  • Spot and respond to new trends with better product immolations
  • Produce elevations that reflect specific demographics and locales
  • Make or enhance client fidelity programs