Restaurant & Food Industry

Octivia data solutions Restaurant & Food Industry data and analytics consulting services help the food assiduity subsidize its data by using important, presto, and effective cloud platforms.

We cluster multiple data sources and apply machine literacy, AI, natural language processing, and data visualization to help eatery groups, CPGs, directors, grocery retailers, distributors, and suppliers drive measurable results.

From anonymous to advocate with Client 360

You have CSAT scores, social feedback, sale data, fidelity data, converse logs, and a slew of other data sources.

Do you really know who your guests are and what they want despite all of that data?

Our Client 360 Analytics integrates multiple data sources to give you a clear view of your guest's actions and preferences, so you can deliver the substantiated gests consumers have come to anticipate.

Fidelity starts with harkening

Collect, dissect, and respond to client satisfaction feedback more snappily with Octivia data solutions, our advanced textbook analytics and sentiment analysis result for the eatery and food diligence.

Our persona-grounded dashboards make it easy for your perceptivity, marketing, and operations brigades to identify strengths and areas of occasion snappily.

Paired with other client feedback, you can reduce client churn, prognosticate unborn behavior, and drive client fidelity.

Deliver a 5- star client experience – at home

How do you fulfill your brand pledge as further guests conclude for delivery?

Track, measure, and fantasize crucial criteria for third-party food delivery performance with Octivia data solutions dashboard intelligence platform that illustrates the entire delivery cycle – from when the food leaves until it arrives at your client’s door.

Productive operations begin with better data

  • Demand soothsaying
  • Order delicacy
  • Drive-thru
  • Delivery effectiveness

Are your functional processes optimized?

Ameliorate performance by contemporizing your cloud structure and data analytics. With integrated data from internal and external references, you can pierce real-time data dashboards and visualizations to make better procurement, force, staffing, and service opinions – perfecting your Octivia data solutions experience before, during, and after their visit.


At Octivia data solutions, you ’ll work with the rearmost technologies, developing innovative, high-quality results in areas of big data, analytics, machine literacy, robotization, and more. We can’t keep our hands off this stuff!

Nonstop Development

We're passionate learners. Workers have multiple openings to continue to make their chops through instrument programs, mentorships, and platoon collaboration.