Modern Data Analytics Consulting Services

Octivia Data Solution’s data analytics advisers’ capabilities are designedly structured around 21st-century associations that decreasingly depend on data to drive their businesses. Because enterprises generally operate under a critical slender business model moment, Octivia Data Solutions guests are frequently looking for ways to do further with lower while accelerating time-to-request for data products.

Well-known enterprises throughout theU.S. use Octivia Data Solution’s Cloud- Grounded Data Analytics services to make and sustain their data analytics modernization programs. With Octivia Data Solution’s help, working your complex business questions just came a whole lot easier. And briskly. And less precious.

Combine internal and external big data to more spot and target trends

Supplement data from Salesforce, SAP, Workday (as well as numerous other business-critical marketable results) with applicable external data to enable further nuanced business sapience, decision support, and soothsaying capability

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  • Develop tone- service decision support with independent data visualization/ reporting functionality across internal associations, and ameliorate productivity.
  • Influence machine literacy to ameliorate prophetic perceptivity into client. preferences
  • Improve operations with automated scheduling, outfit maintenance.
  • Develop more effective elevations using demographic/ geographic/ client data.
  • Build a more responsive client service model and better monetize fidelity programs.
  • Create reports that are more useful to business druggies and promote deals and operations conspiracy.
  • Create a comprehensive cross-channel, cross-product, cross-business unit view of guests.

Octivia Data Solutions is among many cloud analytics companies in our region with proven moxie in big-data infrastructures and data operation tools offering artificial intelligence and machine literacy generalities. Further simply, we help enterprises imagine new ways to manage costs, increase deals, and become more effective. Whatever your business thing, we’ll help you tap into the right data and get it to the right place at the right time to the right stoner