Model Operationalization

Model operationalization is the moment’s biggest chain for data wisdom. Occasionally called the “ last afar” for analytics, this is where data wisdom meets product IT. And it’s where business value is made. Octivia Data Solution’s Data Science Model Operationalization Services help guests achieve their vision of getting a model-driven business that deploys and repeats models at scale.

Octivia Data Solution’s data wisdom consulting’s evidence of value is in ModelOps, the analog of DevOps. Our devoted platoon of data wisdom model operationalization advisers move models from the lab to product, manage and gauge models to meet your enterprise’s demand, and cover them to drive nonstop enhancement. Our ModelOps heed DevOps ground rules to assure IT compliance, security, and manageability. This service is a must-needed for predictive analytics at the hierarchy, where constant model comparisons and deployment. In discrepancy to the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), which is disfigurement-driven and deterministic, Octivia Data Solution's model development cycle is heuristic, i.e., continuously iterative and constantly evolving. Using ever-progressing stylish practices that gauge guests’ training and conclusion surroundings ( product data), Octivia Data Solution’s Data Science Model Operationalization Services give for develop-and-train models ( package model, certify model, emplace model, serve model, examiner model, iterate/ deprecate model) that can directly prognosticate, upgrade, and validate your business data for posterior ML processes.

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Communicate our Data wisdom model operationalization advisers to learn further about how your business can operationalize promising ML results in marketing and deals, client service and support, competitive intelligence analytics, RPA, plant safety and compliance, prophetic analytics, ERP criteria, and much further.