Octivia data solutions helps guests in Healthcare – from health insurers to health providers to medical force and pharma companies – produce new cloud data infrastructures that offer a briskly, more complete view of their enterprise data.

A healthier approach to data operation

You, like all of our Healthcare guests, store vast quantities of distant data from a wide range of sources — private HIPAA- confined patient information, clinical trial data, medical manufacturing data, for illustration. This presents a specific set of data engineering challenges.

Our approach employs modernized data infrastructures to make and sustain enterprise data lakes for raw data, supplemented with data storage as demanded further structured healthcare data.

A data-driven strategy steers better business and patient result

Using AI- grounded pattern recognition and advanced big data results that feed into enterprise-class dashboards and reports, Octivia data solutions data masterminds help break patient business intelligence issues in your enterprise with innovative results that include but are not limited to the following:

  • Patient outgrowth-driven payment models
  • More nimble force chain operation
  • Bettered clinical trial data sets
  • 360- degree view of cases

Everything we've to offer

Our range of data operation services fetches results to healthcare providers on multiple fronts. We offer the most extensive array of healthcare data results in the assiduity, including our core capabilities in:

Data Engineering/ Data Integration

Numerous Fortune 500 companies trust us to handle these aspects of their data because our results are erected on a solid foundation of technology and moxie. We work nearly with our guests in the healthcare sector to identify the tools that ensure stylish overall results.

Data Architecture

We're the superior choice for healthcare data operation in large part because we understand the balance that needs to live among your people, processes, and technology. Our experts work with you on- point as part of your platoon to make, test, and calibrate a cloud- grounded big data platform armature.

Data Lakes/ Data Warehouse Services

Healthcare associations similar to yours deal with data that's too precious and important to neglect. That’s why our data masterminds work with you to produce healthcare data storehouse and data lake capabilities that serve your requirements — and cover your data.

Big Data Services

We ’re well- clued in furnishing big data analytics in healthcare operations that help our guests make sense of all the information they've on hand. Our services can help you swamp any challenges connected to capturing, incorporating, and storing the huge volumes of multi-type data that you accumulate, as well. Our thing is to give the loftiest-quality healthcare data visualizations and other immolations.

Cloud Migration

Craving electronic health records has introduced a seismic shift in how most associations relate to their data. When transitioning your data to the cloud, we can help make sense of this complex process and achieve metamorphosis in a matter of weeks, not months.

Vendor and Tool Selections

Over time, we've worked with numerous top software merchandisers and tools in the assiduity. This means we've an expansive base of knowledge to help our guests in the healthcare sector. We use a traditional, agnostic approach to guide you through opting for the merchandisers and tools that are right for your specific requirements.