GDPR and CCPA Compliance Services

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) California Consumer Sequestration Act (CCPA) directly impacts how your enterprise secures and protects enterprise data. Compliance isn't voluntary with data sequestration and security coming under mounting worldwide pitfalls. Still, sequestration regulations are broad, and the path to compliance at the physical position can be hard to define and achieve.

What do these GDPR/ CCPA/ PII/ PHI rules mean for your business? Octivia data solutions GDPR and CCPA Compliance services help your association finds out and take a vital way to achieve and maintain 100 compliance. Our GDPR and CCPA compliance advisers give the essential moxie needed to guide your association in defining your compliance conditions concerning the state, U.S., and transnational law governing 1) data quality and compliance, 2) data quality assurance, and 3) data sequestration and operation.

Octivia data solutions brings personal accelerators to help guests get the job done right in record time. Our metadata-driven GDPR/ CCP Framework automates compliance (e.g., encryption, decryption, omission) on large data sets and provides a comprehensive inspection trail of conduct taken. The Framework:

  • Implement a draw-in element result without new technology investments
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  • Implement a draw-in element result without new technology investments
  • Handles sensitive data abiding in the cloud, on-premise, and in mongrel systems
  • Uses layers to remove obsolete and protected data
  • Maps practicable data for data transformations
  • Incorporates Sequestration-by- Design model
  • Delivers Nimble methodology on a sprint-by-sprint basis
  • Assimilates both literal and new data

Octivia data solutions GDPR and CCPA compliance specialists exclude the time and costs of copping fresh seller products to meet this challenge. Our GDPR and CCPA Compliance services ensure your association identifies all operations containing sensitive client data, accomplishes a 100 relinquishment rate, puts analytics in place to cover regulations, and maintains 100 compliance for the foreseeable future.