Financial Data Analytics

Octivia data solutions Financial Services Industry data and analytics consulting services help institutions get presto, quality data to optimize client connections, misbehave with assiduity regulations, and descry and help fraud.

Don’t let heritage systems and siloed data hold you back. Our fiscal data services help you contemporize your data armature to influence your vast data means to produce a single, trusted view of your business across guests, regions, and products. We help you untangle the complications of big data in financial services so you can find what you need. We work with guests across commercial banking, capital requests, private equity, insurance parts, furnishing claims analytics, and other capabilities.

Reduce the complexity (and cost) of compliance

With Octivia data solutions, you'll contemporize your data surroundings to integrate trusted client and threat data into ultramodern architectures similar to data storages and data lakes for fiscal services.

We ’ll help you make rigorous data governance and data quality functions demanded to ensure you have empirical data that's accurate, complete, and ready for financial compliance reporting.

We combine fiscal services consulting moxie with data ingestion and data quality accelerator technologies that dramatically reduce fiscal nonsupervisory compliance time, coffers, and cost.

Digital metamorphosis engage with guests on their terms

You need to offer quality, substantiated engagement across all touchpoints and channels to earn your guests' fidelity.

We ’ll give the sapience and moxie to help you influence complex fiscal information and omnichannel client relations from heritage technologies and ultramodern operations so you can deliver the personalization, transparency, and security guests anticipate the moment.

Octivia data solutions financial data analytics advisers will integrate client data from all sources to give you a complete, contextual view of your guests, which can drive targeted, applicable relations, from marketing to client service.

Stay ahead of complex fraud schemes

  • Plutocrat laundering
  • Identity theft
  • ATM fraud
  • Line fraud

With fraud schemes of all kinds on the peak, are your fraud discovery and response processes suitable to keep up?
Work with Octivia data solutions to contemporize your data infrastructures so you can capture massive volumes of data across client touchpoints and deals. Our data wisdom advisers have moxie with machine literacy and artificial intelligence algorithms that can snappily dissect trends and patterns in your data, which indicate suspicious exertion.
The crucial to fighting fraud is speed – we’ll give you fast access to the data and perceptivity you need to stay ahead of complex fraud schemes.

Contemporize. Monetize. Maximize.

The fiscal services assiduity is snappily evolving. A modernized data operation terrain provides the scalability, speed, and agility to produce new results and products that meet changing client demands and empower you to contend with nimble startups.

We help financial institutions complete the complex organizational transformation from heritage structure to digital metamorphosis from strategy through prosecution. We offer moxie in cloud data migration, data governance, integration, financing analytics, and data wisdom. We ’ll help you move once moment’s heritage roadblocks to transfigure your data for the moment and the future.