Dashboard and Reporting Services

Octivia Data Solution’s Dashboard and Reporting services work our ultramodern data armature, big data technology, and agile analytics. Build on these pillars; our data visualization results produce an over-to-date single source of facts that helps your business succeed.

Taking advantage of Octivia Data Solutions' pre-built extensions and attachments, Octivia Data Solution’s dashboard and reporting advisers specialize in designing powerful, scalable dashboard and reporting mechanisms that set functional management and more profitable business planning back into the arms of those who require it most. We employ the speed and agility of agile analytics and leading-edge data visualization software. Our brigades snappily make, test, and emplace dashboard analytics and reporting functions for a host of different business druggies.

Octivia Data Solution’s data visualization and data dashboard services integrate all the moving corridors within your cloud armature, incorporating big data technologies with visualization tools to deliver tone-serve reports for better business perceptivity. Our tools include KPI analytics to measure how effectively your business is achieving crucial business objects:

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  • Test-to- Request Enterprise
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Predictive Analytics with Seasonality
  • Adaptations Reporting and Vaticinating Tools
  • Operations and Equipment Maintenance
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • KPIs for Deals and Operations
  • Supply Chain – supplier quality operation systems, supplier pool responsibility, general supplier data, brand protection, sustainability, and costs across distribution centers, suppliers, and transactional cost points

Taking Control

Dashboard reporting tools are now unremarkable — but not all tools deliver the exact position of control and customization. For example, data dashboard software from Solutions puts your platoon in charge.
First, our advisers make your current system to determine which tools and technologies stylish meet your requirements. Also, we make, test, and emplace your new data reporting software to ensure it delivers on prospects. Eventually, we equip your platoon with the knowledge and coffers they need to make stylish use of data reporting platforms to deliver accurate and practicable sapience.

Delivering the New Dashboard

From elderly directors and directors to executive support, Octivia Data Solution’s tone- serve dashboard analytics, and reporting tools help your business connect cross-channel data points — marketing, deals and operations, manufacturing and force chain, client support, and IT, among others — to ameliorate decision- timber and foster collaboration toward realizing your business pretensions.