Cloud DevOps Services

Cloud DevOps is where the rubber completes the road, or more directly, where data channels and business impacts cross. Octivia Data Solution’s Cloud DevOps services are erected around accelerating software deployment, introducing spare technology to drastically reduce the time it takes to make, test, and roll out operations on behalf of our expanding customer enterprises. Successful DevOps has been proven to supplement advanced software quality, superior hand satisfaction, and superior business results. Octivia Data Solution’s Cloud DevOps consulting practice comprises leading Cloud DevOps masterminds using cloud-native, assiduity- leading DevOps tools — including CI/ CD (nonstop integration/ nonstop deployment) styles — to achieve significantly accelerated deployments and advanced-quality business issues. Octivia Data Solution’s masterminds are experts in exploiting the foundational rudiments that are erected into these rendering tools to give unequaled speed and dexterity during the development and deployment of your enterprise’s operations:

  • Software Version control
  • Deployment robotization
  • Nonstop integration
  • Test automation
  • Test data operation
  • Security erected into the process
  • Loosely coupled armature
  • Empowered brigades, suitable to choose their own tools
  • Monitoring and visionary announcements
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Octivia Data Solutions admits that production IT is a complex, presto-moving, high volume, governed macrocosm where end druggies —e.g., data scientists or business judges — neither make nor inescapably understand the rules. We know, for illustration, that law vestiges frequently must be bedded into work aqueducts connecting data channels with endpoint operations. Whether its workflow robotization, software interpretation operation, elevations, security enforcement, computer/ computing resource operation, monitoring, or spanning up/ fine-tuning your cloud operations, Octivia Data Solution’s Cloud DevOps services are the nexus of development, operations, and better business issues for your enterprise. Where the rubber meets the road, indeed.