Cloud Data Lakes and Data Warehouse Services

The machine driving ultramodern data armature moment is the cloud data lake and data storehouse. Octivia Data Solution’s Cloud Data Lakes and Data Warehouse consulting services allow our guests to break free from rigid data center constraints and gauge up and down on demand.

An ultramodern data storehouse must meet bi-modal conditions, accelerated time-to-request on the one hand, and governed data quality control on the other. Octivia Data Solution’s reference armature is purpose-erected and field-tested to meet these contending demands. Octivia Data Solution’s Cloud Data Lakes and data storehouse operation integrate data from distant sources, govern data quality, and deliver a single interpretation of the verity. With data sequestration and security erected in from the ground up, these‘little- machines-that-could’ also deliver cloud- enabled scalability, tone- service capability for normalized access, and faster time-to- request for new data products.

How is your data structured, how is it reused, who are the crucial druggies of your data, and what purpose will your data serve? Octivia Data Solution’s Cloud Data Lakes and Data Warehouse services come with our incisive knowledge and moxie to support your business in decoding these central questions before driving the cloud engineering behind your eventual storehouse armature.

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Octivia Data Solution’s Cloud Data Lakes and Data Warehouse software advisers strictly estimate your enterprise’s specific data formats, sources ( raw vs. structured), end druggies, processing conditions, and intended issues. The thing is to address pain points within your current data storehouse structure that can be resolved within these new, more effective fabrics. Your business obtains an incredibly important, responsive data storehouse result with the capacity to evolve and grow as your conditions change:

  • Well-organized, accessible Data Lakes for large volumes of raw data for use in myriad unborn analytics operations, primarily managed by data scientists.
  • Data Storehouse armature comprises structured, filtered data ready for analytics, giving business druggies multiple tone-service options for analytics, data visualization, and reporting operations.
  • A combination of Data Lakes and Data Warehouses results, with applicable scales, security, and governance rules furnishing a best-of-both-worlds result.

Because the point set available from cloud service providers is constantly expanding, Octivia Data Solution’s experience enforcing and optimizing cloud immolations gives your enterprise the capability to stay on the commanding edge. For illustration, Octivia Data Solution’s cloud guests have the inflexibility of planting task-specific cipher coffers (e.g., GPUs for cipher-ferocious machine literacy and low-cost commodity CPUs for data-ferocious processing). Containerized CI/ CD and bedded ML/ AI analytics is a standard, stylish practice we use in all of our work.

Moment’s data lakes and data storages offer associations tremendous earnings in data resource inflexibility, capacity, and speed in managing large volumes of data means. Octivia Data Solution’s cloud and data storehouse services can help your business take advantage of this coming-generation elaboration by negotiating ultramodern big data storehouse results that attack your data storehouse challenges head-on.