Client 360

Octivia Data Solutions helps you make or enhance Client 360 results, furnishing perceptivity that enables you to produce more individualized relations with your guests, upsell and cross-sell openings, and facilitate retention and fidelity through better client gests.

Increase deals

Induce primarily targeted, substantiated offers to more effectively influence buying decisions

Improve client fidelity

Encourage reprise business when you understand and respond to client sentiment and preferences.

Reduce costs

Focus on high-value client parts rather than precious, one-size-fits-all crusade tactics

Know what your guests need and give it to them

Sounds easy, but we all understand it’s not. We generate results from financial services to retail and healthcare to manufacturing to consolidate all client data captured through colorful touchpoints – including in-store purchases, phone calls, social media, mobile apps, and online relations – and combine it into one unified record.

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With Octivia Data Solution’s Rapid Delivery Data and Analytics capabilities, you get a complete, accurate, and holistic view of your guests so you can more work on their history, present, and unborn engagements with your brand.

Get a complete, trusted view of your guests

We master data operation results and data governance processes that work machine literacy to offer you a single, accurate, comprehensive record for each client. Our results collect data and metadata from your various source systems, also use business sense and machine literacy to match and combine data from all client touchpoints to produce a clean," golden record."

Ameliorate crusade performance through micro-segmentation

Ameliorate client targeting and offer personalization with micro-segmentation, a finer-grain system of traditional segmentation that creates hundreds, indeed thousands, of client groupings grounded on demographic, behavioral, product, and life data.

Understand the real meaning behind client sentiment

Our textbook analytics and sentiment analysis results fleetly process unshaped textbook and natural language data from real-time social listening, client satisfaction checks, and other sources to uncover the environment and meaning of client feedback at scale.

Cover client sequestration in compliance with authorizations

Misbehave with data sequestration regulations, similar to GDPR and CCPA, snappily and fluently. We ’ve developed a configurable, metadata-driven Data Sequestration Framework that automates updates to client sequestration requests across all of your current and unborn systems. You ’ll exclude the need to manually decode sequestration information in every being and new table and train that contain client information.